Day 2 – Don’t fear Change.

Disclaimer: Read the Legalese or Day 1…. Thanks!

Change is an everyday part of life.  We never notice the subtle changes around us, like different cars on the road each day, or seeing different people during ones work commute. Those are part of everyday life, but when it is made a point to change something in ones life, sometimes it can cause panic, anxiety, wiry energy, or just flat out debilitate someone.  Fortunately I am not all of these, but it does create mild anxiety for me, (What can I say?), because for years I controlled every aspect of my life so closely, as to not get hurt, that I was basically choke holding my life.  This is probably why I chose to emotionally eat, it was like a different part of me feeling like it was getting away with something.

Now, though, as I embark on this journey to make a healthy lifestyle change, I found this morning that even though it is only day 2, I was already freaking out, worrying myself and scaring myself.  Fear is good, it pushes you to take that step into the unknown (coupled with a lot of deep breaths) and see that there is nothing to really be afraid of.

While talking to my cousin this morning, she pointed out that it is change that is terrifying me.  As many of you know, my tree of life has grown many branches over the last few years, as I discover my path and heal my wounds, and move forward.  Change has always been an adversary of mine, but recently we have become friends and I am learning to just go with the flow.  Since weightloss has been my biggest enemy, it doesn’t surprise me that this “change” has sent me into a mild anxiety, but just as quickly I have regained control.

Change is inevitable. It happens all around us and if we embrace it, it can be much easier to deal with, than if we ignore it and run away from it.  Think of it this way, in horror movies it is often the one who runs who gets clobbered, but the ones who stand and face the adversary of choice, usually (i use this term lightly) live.  Okay, maybe not the best example, but I think you catch my drift.  Facing ones fear is tantamount to conquering them. So you can keep running, or you can face it.  Today, I make the decision to face this challenge I have accepted with the courage and strength it takes to beat anything that runs your life.

Food addiction can be scary, because we can’t give up eating, we need it to survive, but once one learns to make the right choices, and keeps treats/guilty pleasures in the category of treats/guilty pleasures, it becomes less and less scary.  I know if I can do this, you, the reader can do this too.

Until tomorrow…..don’t mindlessly eat in front of the tv.  Know your weaknesses, and plan ways around them, until you trust yourself to make the right decisions.

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