Day 8 – Meal Skipping

Disclaimer: Same as Always. See post Day 1 of this series, or go to Legalese. ūüėÄ

Meal Skipping…DON’T DO IT!¬† You might think you are doing your pounds a favor, but eventually your body will go into what is referred to as ‘starvation mode’.¬† This means that your body will start to store whatever it is you are eating because it doesn’t know when it will eat next.¬† This is no good. Truly, because then you STOP losing weight, or the scale won’t move.

I know it is hard when your body doesn’t lose weight as fast as you want it to, but as I mentioned in one of my video logs and blogs, you also can’t be afraid of food. Patience is important.¬† Quick weightloss doesn’t work for everyone, in fact more times than not the weight comes back.¬† However, if patient, the weight will become a release and the pounds that have been shed will find it’s final resting place…far away from you.

Hang in there. I know society puts a lot of pressure on a person, and for some of us it can cause body image issues (I am finally getting over mine), but strength is your greatest asset and with strength obstacles can be hurdled and conquered.¬† It takes time, but done the right way¬†the weight¬†release¬†can last a long time, or forever. So don’t skip meals. If you don’t trust yourself, plan your meals. If you are going out to eat, see if you can get ahold of a menu online, or mentally limit your options.¬† Guilty pleasures always taste better when they are a treat and not a daily occurrence.

I am with you on this journey and I thank you for being on it with me.

Until tomorrow….

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