Days 3 and 4- Don’t fear the journey

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So I think I may have mislead many into thinking that I am on a diet. I am not. I am not looking for new ways to eat, or to cut a zillion things out of my “diet”.  I am trying to release the weight, but I phrase it this way, because when you “lose” something nine times out ten you find it again. Nope, I am releasing those little pounds like the cute little Adipose in Doctor Who…the pounds can find a new home, just not with me.

What this journey is truly about is rebuilding a healthy relationship with food. No bored eating, no mindless television eating, no binging, no emotional eating, you get the point.  Food can be amazing and I am finding it is even more amazing when I am not worried about it and not feeling guilty about what I am eating.  I just need to know when to stop and practice moderation until it is a habit and guilty pleasures are just that, back in the category where ir belongs.

When I started this journey I started taking note of everything I was eating and turns out, I haven’t been eating all that bad.  I love salads, vegetables and fruit, so I just need to incorporate that more into my diet, but for the most part, especially when I am at work, I eat fairly well and healthy.

I put myself to a test today.  I knew I would have quite a span of time between breakfast and lunch, which turned out to be a very late lunch, and I actually did quite well.  I was worried I would make bad choice after bad choice, but I didn’t.  I put fear aside and trusted myself to make the right decision.  I also drilled it into my head, that a little snack kept on your person or in your car would be good for those moments in between meals.

In previous blogs I mentioned I used to be in therapy. My therapist took me off of dieting, because it wasn’t healthy for me, the yo-yo’ing and so on, I told her I worried I wouldn’t ever overcome the emotional eating, but she told me, “one day Shellymarie you’re just going to do it”, and I have.  I finally understand. Now the trick is to make it a habit and make it stick, but don’t fear the journey.

Journeys always start out a bit scary and nerve wracking, but as one creates the next branch on their tree of life, there is always the unknown and then it becomes a known and then the branch is complete and a new branch begins.  In other words, embrace the journey, the fear and all that comes with it, and take each day as it comes. Don’t skip ahead, don’t look back, just stay present in the moment and as each day passes, and the journey begins to unfold, you will remember how it felt when you started and realize how far you’ve come.  Just keep moving forward.

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